Data Services

GSM Backhaul

The global demand for voice and data services delivered over cellular networks continues to grow exponentially.   ABS bridges the gap between isolated rural areas and emerging markets to expand the service footprint regardless of distance, geographic obstructions or lack of infrastructure.  The bordering nature of satellite coverage allows operators to locate mobile switching centers (MSC) and base station controller/transceiver (BSC/BTS) combinations anywhere within a wide footprint, giving operators incomparable independence in designing their network.

ABS can help your company stay ahead of the competition by swiftly designing and implementing flexible solutions for your business.



Broadband Internet and IP Trunking

The ABS network of satellites (Ku, C and Ka-band), is ideal for providing broadband Internet connectivity and IP trunking.  The satellite broadband service is unaffected by landscape and the satellite internet signal is available everywhere.   ABS offers fast reliable access across a range of applications including telcos, mobility, enterprise, hospitality, and government initiatives such as backbone networks, emergency communications, rural broadband, tele-medicine and distance education.

Broadband Internet and IP Trunking


Trunking/Backhaul solutions are available for the following beams:

SCPC Links

The VSAT SCPC (Singe Channel Per Carrier) service provides a dedicated single signal at a given frequency and bandwidth. The SCPC solution is designed for applications that require high-bandwidth, point-to-point connectivity in simplex, duplex and either symmetric or asymmetric configurations.

The SCPC service can be used for a wide range of applications including Internet trunking, Voice over IP, Oil and Gas and Government services.  ABS can help you connect with reliable, cost-effective voice-over-IP (VoIP), telemetry data or broadband internet access through ABS’ network of satellites and dedicated customer support center.


Maritime Connectivity

The maritime industry has seen a growing demand for telephony and data services for real-time communications.  The maritime VSAT platform offers high speed, ship-to-shore-IP broadband satellite communications and enabling corporations to track their ships and cargo across the globe as well as providing connectivity for the crew.   ABS offers a cost effective, integrated communications solution designed specifically for maritime conditions and applications.


VSAT Networks

ABS provides cost effective and customized Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) solutions to meet the needs of SMEs, MNCs, government organizations, as well as other network and communication service providers. With ABS expert technical staff and industry leading partners, ABS can meet the most unique requirement including point-to-point links to fixed or portable stations as well as point-to-multipoint star or mesh configurations with multicast capability.

ABS with its available hubs can provide VSAT network services with large hub antenna (typically 9m) and small VSAT antenna (1m to 3.8m depending on the location) at the remote.


Virtual Network Operator (VNO)

The VNO is a provider of management services for service providers and customers who does not own its telecommunication infrastructure or wishes to lower their cost of ownership when entering new markets.

ABS VNO service is reliable, scalable and cost-effective, supporting critical IP applications across Cellular, Enterprise, Maritime, Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors.  These applications range from VoIP, VPN and internet access to streaming media and data backup requirements.



ABS offers 2 types of VNO services:


1.  Software VNO

– where ABS provides the complete managed VNO service including the infrastructure, connectivity and bandwidth capacity


2.  Classic VNO

– where customers use its own infrastructure and require connectivity and bandwidth capacity

1. Software VNO
ABS provides a Software VNO service for service providers and customers who do not own its telecommunication infrastructure.   It is a complete solution with separate network management capabilities that provides dedicated space, iDirect Network Management Systems, protocol processors and line cards without the overheads of large infrastructure startup cost.

Software VNO platform is available for the following beams:

  • ABS-2 West Hemi beam
  • ABS-2 Ku Southern beam
  • ABS-2 Ka MENA beam
  • ABS-7 Ku Middle East beam
  • ABS-3A East Hemi beam

2. Classic VNO
This VNO solution is ideal for customers who would like to manage and take control of their own network using its own existing infrastructure. The VNO provides lower cost of ownership for customers entering new markets. At the same time it helps hub owners expand their business through hosting capabilities.

Customer can opt for VNO hosting with ABS, sharing the hub hosted by ABS as the Host Network Operator (HNO) at its various teleports. Customers are in full control of their own networks and remotes with such VNO configuration. The customer needs to purchase only a VNO license, dedicated line cards, protocol processors and NMS servers. The hub itself and the entire supporting infrastructure can be shared transparently with the HNO.