The Batelco Teleport in Bahrain supports ABS in the flourishing Middle Eastern region with data, hosting and TT&C services. The teleport offers a range of capabilities including a secured data centre for the provision of hosting services. Teleport access the ABS-2, ABS-4 and ABS-7 satellites. It also offers VSAT network, SCPC, uplink and downlink and co-location services.


  • Data Services:
    VSAT Network, SCPC
  • Hosting Services:
    Uplink & Downlink, Co-location
  • Satellite Accessed:
    ABS-2 Global, W Hemi & MENA beams
    ABS-4 Ku/S and Ku/Ku beams
    ABS-7 Steerable FSS beam
  • Operations Support:
dish-ku 9m x 1 4.6m x 1
dish-c 16.2m x 1