Access Teleport Partners

Cyta (Cyprus)

Cyta is a government corporate body and the incumbent telecommunications operator in Cyprus. The company is a customer-driven enterprise operating in a competitive market and provides the full spectrum of advanced telecommunications products and services.

Cyta operates a modern telecommunications network and has an impressive submarine cable and teleport infrastructure. The company couples a strategically situated telecommunications gateway in Cyprus with POPs in major telecommunications centers in Europe. Cyta is active in the international market and provides services to business customers around the world.

The main elements of Cyta’s international network include two Teleport sites with more than 25 major satellite antennas and three submarine cable stations with 9 fiber optic systems. The network provides reliable and resilient connectivity via direct circuits with major international operators.

Services offered via Cyta’s teleports include a broad collection of products ranging from satellite television on a permanent and occasional basis to international telephony, monitoring services, data and internet connectivity. The teleports also offer VSAT and hosting services to third parties for a wide range of applications.

Tel: + 357 22 701 804
Fax: + 357 22 494 155

PCCW Global (Hong Kong)

With a presence throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, PCCW Global provides integrated global communications solutions on our IP-enabled Next Generation Network to address the worldwide needs of business enterprises and service providers. Our full suite of international data and voice solutions include:

• Ethernet
• Frame relay
• Hosted PBX
• IP-based services (MPLS/VPLS)
• Managed Bandwidth
• Managed Services
• Satellite
• Wholesale VoIP

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RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. (Israel)

RRsat Global Communications Network (NASDAQ: RRST) is an experienced comprehensive world-class provider of delivery, end-to-end content management and transmission via satellite, fiber and the Internet for 550+ TV and radio channels and multi-platform operators. The RRsat Global Network, consisting of 40 MCPC digital satellite platforms integrated with vast fiber optic capacity, provides uplink, downlink and turnaround services from and to anywhere in the globe, reaching cable TV, DBS, IPTV and mobile service operators, or Internet TV and direct-to-home viewers everywhere.

RRsat’s Emek HaEla Teleport is located in the Judean hills, the pastoral Ela Valley. The Teleport comprises over 70 satellite dishes ranging from 2.4 to 32m diameter, providing uplink and downlink facilities from108°E to 37.5°W and housing RRsat’s advanced Network Operations Center.

RRsat’s Re’em Teleport located south of Israel comprises over 60 satellite dishes ranging from 2.4m to 11m diameter, providing uplink and downlink facilities from108°E to 37.5°W and housing the state-of-the-art RRsat Playout Center.

RRsat’s Hawley Teleport is located in Pennsylvania, comprising over 30 satellite dishes ranging from 1.8m to 32m diameter, providing uplink and downlink facilities from 8°E to 135°W, a Playout Center and the headquarters of RRsat America.

In addition to RRsat’s wholly owned teleports, we have a variety of hosted teleports at sites worldwide, including 3 additional hosted and partner teleports in Israel and 8 additional teleports in the USA, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Singapore Telecom Teleport (Singapore)

ST Teleport is a full-service satellite communications solution provider that connects businesses seamlessly and reliably through a diverse network of major satellite systems, terrestrial network infrastructures and Internet exchanges.

ST Teleport serves Asia’s broadcasting, telecommunications and corporate markets, supporting television networks and providing satellite communications and value-added services including satellite uplink/downlink and turnaround, programme origination and playout, on-site SNG services, international gateway and VSAT services, IP multicast, and studio services. This includes:

• Marketing of events to TV stations, CableTV and DTH operators across the world
• Managing ground and space segment for fibre/satellite delivery for unilateral and multi-lateral feeds, including providing SNG, microwave and teleport facilities
• On-site engineers and technical support
• 24/7 Technical Operation Centre (TOC) providing technical co-ordination and monitoring during live transmission
• Centralised billing and booking

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Korea Telecom (KT) (Korea)

Korea Telecom (KT) was established when it spun off from the Ministry of Communications in 1981. It established an advanced broadband network for the first time in Asia, and launched Korea’s first communication satellite dubbed ‘Mugunghwa’. KT will continue to make efforts to play a leading role in the global market, and become a trustworthy company by fulfilling corporate responsibility by ensuring best service quality and technology in the age of convergence where voice and data, fixed and mobile, and communication and broadcasting services meet.

Through KT’s satellite earth stations in Geumsan and Boeun, as well as international satellite systems, KT offers terrestrial fixed communication solutions which link head offices and overseas branches. KT also provides mobile solutions for vehicles, ships and aircraft around the world.

IABG Teleport (Germany)

The IABG Teleport is a leading Satellite Service Provider in Germany:

  • Satellite connection with guaranteed availability in regions with limited infrastructure
  • Mobile Satellite based solutions for vehicles, containers and vessels
  • Ad-Hoc-Connections in case of crisis, disasters and backup solutions world wide
  • Solutions for disaster control, Government, Institutions and Military

Overview of our Services:

IABG internet und uplink

  • Internet via Satellite; DVB-S2, SCPC, iDirect, SkyFrame
  • Broadband Backbone Connections; Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint
  • Uplink and Downlink Services
  • Fully Managed Services
  • Back-up of terrestrial connections
  • Licences, Maintenance, Installation

IABG net and hybrid net

  • Engineering and operation of satellite networks
  • iDirect, SkyWAN, SkyFrame, GSM Backhaul
  • IABG mobile Satellite solutions
  • Bandwidth from 64kbps to 155Mbps bandwidth feasible
  • Special solutions for Government, Institutions and Military
  • Security management encryption 3DES, SINA, VPN
  • Rackspace  equipment hosting
  • Climate rooms
  • UPS and redundant power supply
  • three times backbone connection